Jeff Outlaw is an American artist well versed in several media.  His work strives for storytelling with a social conscious.  The images he creates are not afraid to display raw, strong emotion in order to challenge the viewer to think about the world which we all currently share.  “Only by seeing the issues can we confront them.”

Originally raised in America’s northeast, he has traveled to many parts of the country and the world over the years. After graduating from Pennsylvania State University, he enlisted in the American Navy, where he traveled for 5 years. After the service he entered formal art training at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. With his degree from that school, he has spent years as an artist and manager for several video game studios, traveling from Florida to Australia to Pittsburgh and now back to Florida, where he currently makes his home.

In his first 4 years as a fine artist, he had completed five full shows as well as many miscellaneous works. This Naked Artist exposed the artist to his patrons in two ways, as both the artist and the subject of that show.  Portraits from Bald Hills demonstrated his ability to capture detailed portrait work.  Bodies in Color blended graphite with watercolor as the artist started exploring other themes.  Brash! is a powerful collection of watercolor figure work, boldly reflecting the figure in often twisted emotion. His recent show, Layers, is a collection of works done as reliefs, watercolor on cold press, cut and separated. The effect of the separation causes movement over the work as the viewer passes by and sees the piece at different angles.

He currently lives central Florida, just north of the city of Orlando. When not painting, he enjoys the company of his family, spending time working around the house, baking breads, gardening, and building stuff.

His work has been displayed in galleries from Pittsburgh to Queensland, Australia.  His painting Shy from the Brash! series was featured in the 2011 Aqueous Watercolor show in Pittsburgh, and Pissed was featured in the Naked in Pittsburgh: Autumn 2011 show at Red Door Space.  The Butcher of Bald Hills, shown below, received third place in the 2012 Waterworks show sponsored by the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society.