Some people have asked what the process is for making one of these reliefs, so I thought I would post a pictorial step-by-step to explain.

First, I have to draw the image on a few different sheets of cold press that I have pre-treated with Fixative.


Next comes the painting. I’ve been using Cheap Joe’s paints, but I do try to limit my palette a bit.  For this painting, it was Raw Sienna, Cobalt Blue, Opera Rose, Rambling Rose,  Royal Amethyst, Jet Black, and I think Lucky Penny a bit.


Here are the two sheets in process of being painted. I’ll do my best to match them up in this form before I cut out all the pieces.


On the back of each cut out piece, I glue a spacer or more, depending on the relative depth of each part.  I am finding that the larger the depth, the better the effect.


Finally, the whole work is glued together. After this part, I’ll take some time to make sure the colors are all correct now that the parts are near each other.